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Life is Better With B’Bites

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It is my pleasure to write about one of the first businesses to sell on Great Lakes Made this week. B’Bites is a delicious snack that anyone can eat, without feeling guilty. This is a raw treat that is vegan, free of gluten, soy and corn. B’Bites are also Non-GMO and certified organic.

Starting Small

In 2013, Billie, creator of B’Bites took her baking hobby one step farther in her small town, Memphis, Michigan. Before starting First she checked to see if they was a market for the snacks, and of course there was and she started her business. Billie considers herself to be health conscious, because of her background with corporate wellness, and health coaching and education. She wanted to create something that involved her love for baking, but also something that everyone can enjoy.

“Knowing what was in our foods with so many added sugars and other ingredients that shouldn’t be in a snack bar, I wanted to create a snack that was made with healthy and clean ingredients. Helping people find a snack that they can enjoy, that fits inline with their eating style whether GF, SF, Vegan, etc..”

The bars are made with mostly dried fruits and raw nuts. There are many different flavors and there are many different size packages to choose from. Their newest snack is the mixed nut and seed mix that has a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Billie’s Favorite

Billie said that she loves all of the flavors, but if she had to pick one it would be the cinnamon raisin cashew.

“What I love most is that B’Bites are such a simple and nutrient dense snack that has been enjoyed and loved by so many. They are soft and chewy, and have a cookie dough-like texture. I love that when I need  a snack I can enjoy a square or 1/2 a square and be satisfied.”

Looking Into the Future

Right now, B’Bites is working on creating a monthly subscription. This will automatically ship people’s orders to them, without them having to order it every month. This is way more convenient for their returning customers and also includes a discount.

Their seasonal flavor, Pumpkin Pecan Spice is coming soon and will be in stock August through November.

Buying B’Bites

B’Bites are sold in many different juice bars, yoga studios, fitness centers and coffee shops across the nation.

You can also find B’Bites on our website at B’Bites. You can use their code: GLM2019 to receive 15% off of your order before August 23, 2019.

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